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Grace Ethington

Web Design      Account Management      Advertising Strategy 


I am fueled by a burning ambition to constantly evolve, create, and push boundaries. I recognize that growth, progress, and understanding are the foundation of all meaningful relationships, and I'm determined to invest the time, energy, and commitment required to nourish and expand them.

My vision for a harmonious environment is expansive and bold, rooted in the principles of diversity, inclusivity, and understanding. I believe that true beauty can be found in art, nature, and the human experience, and I'm passionate about celebrating and promoting it in all aspects of life.

Integrity, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge drive my personal and professional pursuits.

My personal philosophy is an ambitious and creative declaration of my commitment to growth, compassion, and positive change. I am unwavering in my belief that inclusivity, creativity, kindness, and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones of a harmonious world that celebrates the beauty and diversity of humanity and the planet we inhabit.


Through intentional action and lifelong learning, I will work tirelessly to bring this vision to life, leaving a positive impact on the world and inspiring others to do the same.

My Work


Alligator Dental - Website Design

View the Full Website Here.

I'm a self-taught web designer. I work as a professional web designer at a dental marketing agency! I've been designing websites for clients for almost 3 years now. Here is an example of a website I recently built that I love showing off!

Mixtiles - Advertising Campaign

Mixtiles is a popular brand of photo tiles that has gained a lot of attention for its innovative approach to personalized wall decor. This ad campaign I was able to create focuses on the ease of use and flexibility of the product, highlighting how easy it is to create unique, high-quality wall art without any hassle. The campaign emphasizes the idea of creating a meaningful and personalized space, showcasing happy customers who have used Mixtiles to display their favorite memories and moments.

Liquid Death - Strategy/Creative Brief

I worked with a team of other strategists on a spec campaign for the popular sparkling water brand Liquid Death. We came up with a creative brief to pitch to a creative team on how to make the brand more targeted towards women.

Joshua Cardwell DDS - Website Design

I'm asked to design websites for all sorts of dental practices and customize them according to their branding and style. Here is a website I've recently built where the practice is located in Hawaii. The client specifically asked to make it ocean-centric and spa-like. 

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